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The Roanoke 8th Air Force Fellowship was originally established by William B. "Bill" Overstreet in 2001. Bill flew with the 357th Fighter Group as a P-51 Mustang pilot during WW2. The group was organized by Bill and run by him and some other local Roanoke, Virginia combat air crew who served in World War 2. They met once every other month to have breakfast together and to share their stories with one another. Of course, their wives and other friends were and are always welcome and they do especially like having the ladies attend.


Although the years have diminished their numbers, those who remain faithfully attend the meetings which are now held monthly at their request since 2 months can be quite a long time for one who has over 90 years of experience. There are also newer members who have joined that served in combat during the war and includes combat paratroopers to Navy personnel.


Over the past few years there have been a few "younger" people who have joined out of personal interest and to hear the fantastic experiences of our remaining combat crew. Those "younger" folks are going the full distance to provide support and assistance to those remaining members who served during WW2.


The "target for today" and our mission objective is to ensure their stories and experiences are not forgotten since in their words, the true heroes didn't come back. It is their stories they are telling. We are listening.

William B. "Bill" Overstreet

Lt. William B. Overstreet during the war in 1944

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