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Hans Meyer, German WW2 fighter pilot, answers questions along with our group in the education tent at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford at the annual Family Day event, July 2014.



The Roanoke 8th Air Force Fellowship does not require a membership fee or dues to be a member. You don't have to be an 8th Air Force Veteran or even a Veteran all all. The only requirement is an appreciation of the sacrifices made by all United States armed forces members to protect our country, our freedom, and in supporting freedom in other countries around the world. We have many members of various ages. It is a benefit if you like airplanes however!


At each monthly meeting it is traditional that there is the “passing of the hat” to collect $1.00 from each meeting attendee to help “defray expenses”. This small collection was initially intended to be used by the original WW2 board of officers to pay for administrative costs such as mailing out meeting notices.


Today we use this small collection to support our mission of educating the public on the personal history and stories of our members, the Mighty 8th and all the Army Air Force units in WW2, and the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice that never came back.  None of these funds are used for administrative costs and we have no paid staff.  


Two recent examples of how we use our donations and meeting collections to support education is the Roanoke 8th Air Force Fellowship sponsorship of the overflight by two P-51 Mustangs at the graveside service of our member Bill Overstreet in December 2013 and the sponsorship for lodging for German ME-109 fighter pilot Hans Meyer during his visit to the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford for the annual Family Day event.



Currently, the Roanoke 8th Air Force Fellowship is NOT a 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization however it is in process at this time.



If you are considering making a donation to the group please be aware that this is appreciated by all our members and other organizations that we support such as the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia and the 8th Air Force Historical Society. Anyone with questions on donations may contact the chairman, Tracy Turner at 540-725-2149, through email at, or through the email form on the contact link above.


If you wish to help support our efforts by making a donation you may contact our office at 540-725-2149. All donations are appreciated and help sponsor local events where we share our Veteran's experiences.


Remember that 100% of your donation goes toward educational events to preserve their legacy for future generations.


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